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Create targeted fresh lead lists fast and easy. Download new prospects into your inbox in minutes. YippiLeads! is a prospecting subscription service that gives businesses access to leads anytime with no contracts or pushy salespeople to deal with.

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Fresh Prospects at Your Fingertips Anytime!

Start your free trial now to YippiLeads! and automatically gain access to a database filled with millions of business and consumer data for you to choose from. Our data is the highest quality available – fresh, accurate, and collected from the nation’s most reliable sources. We’ll never waste your time with bad data or try to sell you other services. You’ll have immediate access to our simple stress free dashboard. So, begin putting together the exact list you want and start destroying your quota.

What Is A Data List?

A data list is simply a file that will contain all the fresh prospects you generated from our industry leading nationwide database. You’ll select criteria, such as name, phone #, address, email address, etc., that matters to you most, and then use that to build your custom lead list. From there, you’ll download this list to be used for your direct mail and email campaigns. Fast and easy.

What We​ Offer

Better prospects come from the best data. At YippiLeads!, you’ll be subscribing to a monthly service that will put the best sales leads and email/mailing lists into your email inbox every month. Our helpful, easy, and innovative service will connect you to the largest and highest quality consumer and business database in our industry. There are no contracts or hidden fees. Our data is up-to-the-second, accurate, and quality guaranteed. Turbocharge your sales and get the most out of your marketing budget. Let us help you get the competitive advantage we know you’ll love.
Million Consumers
250 +

Precision Consumer

Million Businesses
10 +

Industry Targeting with Laser Accuracy

Million Opt-In Emails
220 +


220 +

Propecting Lists

How It​ Works

Now that you’ve subscribed to YippiLeads!, you can start putting your ROI into overdrive. The process of using our service is a piece-of-cake. After you purchase, it takes only a FEW MINUTES and 5 SIMPLE STEPS to get your custom prospecting lists into your inbox. Login, choose from millions of fresh business and consumer prospects, apply the criteria selects you want (because we know better targeting makes for higher quality leads), build your audience, review your data, and then download. Done and done.


Login to YippiLeads


Input Your List Criteria


Build Your Prospect List


Check Your Results


Download Your Fresh Leads

Your Free Trial Includes:

Subscription Tier Pricing


Annual Subscription* 

Paid Monthly

   Download Up to  
500 Records
Per Month


Annual Subscription*

Paid Monthly

Download Up to  
2,000 Records
Per Month


Annual Subscription* 

Paid Monthly

Download Up to  
10,000 Records
Per Month


Need Over 1000

*Annual Subscriptions Are Discounted and Require a One-Time Payment in Advance For the Total Amount Due in Order to Activate Your Annual Subscription. Thereafter, Your Annual Subscription Will Renew Automatically Till Cancelled. 

Why Use YippiLeads!?


Your trial period never expires. Do as many searches as you want. Once you subscribe to one of our four budget friendly pricing tiers, you’ll then be able to download the lists you create.

There are no hidden fees and you never need to commit to any kind of contract to use our subscription service, ever.

Yes. YippiLeads is proud to be based in the United States and proud to help American businesses succeed. We also have subscribers all around the world and are glad to be able to participate in their growth.
No. Many of our counterparts are very interested in getting you to use them to broadcast your emails or do direct-mail for you, all so they can make more money. That’s nice, but that’s not us. We keep it simple and want to keep sending prospects to your inbox for as long as we are useful to you.

Selects are the way you choose what you want your list to comprise. For example, maybe you only want a certain geographic area, or a certain age group, or a certain industry. You are able to “select” what you want and create a custom list that is just right for you.

A Count Report is the search result you see after you’ve selected your prospect audience from our huge consumer and business database. It will give you a count of how many fresh prospects you can add to your Data List. You can create as many Count Reports as you want with your subscription. Then, as a subscriber, you’ll download the prospects you’ve chosen as a Data List file that will arrive in your inbox. The Data List file will include the complete results of all the search criteria you selected, such as business or individual names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, etc.

Opt-in means that all the emails addresses that will come up in your list preparation process will have all received permission from the email owners to be available to you. We don’t offer any email address(s) whose owner has not given the green light for us to make available for your use.

CAN-SPAM is a law that helps ensure that email addresses that get marketed to are treated with good business ethics. Our opt-in email addresses makes this easy to comply with because we have received authorization from the email owners to be sent promotional emails.

This means that all the phone numbers that come up in your list creation process are not on a do-not-call list at the time of purchase.

Yes. NCOA is short for National Change of Address, which is a database USPS keeps current for people, families, and businesses that have changed their address. Being compliant with this means that YippiLeads addresses will always provide outstanding delivery rates.

This is simple. We’ve created a very user friendly list building tool and a very easy-to-use transaction process. Creating new lists, signing up for your subscription, and downloading your lists are meant to be effortless. If you find that you do have a question, please feel free to email us at Please allow 24-48 hours for a representative to get back to you as we are experiencing a very high volume of transactions and need to keep our data current.

Yes. You’ll be able to create any of these data list types, including others, such as, consumer email lists, foreclosure lists, mortgage lists, pre-foreclosure lists, and business email lists.

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